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Argumentative text

The argumentative text is a discursive modality whose purpose is to defend by argument an idea or thesis. At the time of writing an argumentative text many students show enormous difficulties in their writing when faced with a blank page. The reason why it costs them so much to write this type of texts is that they do not start from a previous structure that allows them to write a written text, independently of the thesis that one wants to argue.

That is why this article intends to teach you to write an argumentative text from the beginning so that you can apply it later without taking into account the thesis that you will defend. If we get that before the writing the student has written a very defined prior script, the writing will be much easier. In this sense the teacher is important that not only assess the argumentative text, but also the draft or template developed by the student.

How to prepare an argumentative text with the help of a template.

As you can see it is a very simple template where according to the course and age can be introduced or eliminating elements. The template must always be the starting point and a student can not start writing the argumentative text without completing it as detailed as possible. The process of completing the template is a process in which the teacher can help a lot in the classroom. In fact, I recommend writing the script through the template in the classroom and that at home the student draws up the writing once the teacher has reviewed the template.

Here is an example of a template completed on the thesis of Ā«TelevisionĀ»:

To search the Wikipedia article for information about television that we will include in the first sentence of the first paragraph of the narration

For an appointment of a famous author as an argument of authority. This argument is placed at the end of the first paragraph.

Once we have the completed template we have the wording. For the writing we will stick as much as possible in the template that we have filled out. Even so it is normal that variations occur between the template and the final text.

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