The budget in a research project


In all research it is very important to consider the financial resources required by the project to reach a successful conclusion. In principle, it is important to know what resources are available, in order to determine what is to be acquired, and based on this, make a budget that allows us, from the beginning, to manage the funding sources that will ensure that the project will be able to develop properly.

When a thesis is elaborated, the budget is an especially important element, because to avoid some expenses, or to think that they will be solved “on the fly”, can generate important delays in the investigation, that would result in the titration being delayed or, in the worst case, do not conclude the thesis. Many of the expenses should not cover the student, but can be managed through various channels, but should be included in the budget, as this will allow a better organization of the times and procedures to follow.

A well-prepared budget will allow us to have a better administration of resources and, even, will give the researcher peace of mind.

Below are some of the items that can be included in the development of a research project, depending on its characteristics:

  • Infrastructure
  • Team
  • Resources for operation
  • Information services and obtaining documents
  • Purchase of books
  • Field work expenses
  • Reagents, materials and consumables
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Animals for experimentation
  • External services (parcel service, photography, rental of equipment, construction work, gas supply)
  • Travel expenses for research stays
  • Edition or printing
  • Publication expenses (books or scientific journals)

These items may or may not be present in each of the study areas. It is important to make a thorough analysis of everything that will be needed for research, and then to classify it in three areas: the available resources (including those of the institution), which must be managed through external support, whether managed by the professor-advisor, or those that the student will have to process, and what items the thesis thesis will have to cover directly.

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